Marble is a noble material that has been used for thousands of years. Once a determinant of luxury reserved only for elegant and majestic interiors.

Today, as a finishing material in various forms, it is more and more often used in our homes. It’s an elegant complement to the interior design. They owe their renaissance not only to the aesthetic value, but also to the functional features and the vogue for natural materials.

In our standard offer, which we present in our online store, you can choose from two of the most commonly used marble, white and delicate Carrara from Italy and black and elegant Nero Marquina from Spain. However, nothing stops us from bringing a much rarer piece of stone for you, just say what you expect.


Meble z marmuru, które oferujemy:
- stoły (blat marmurowy grubość 2cm) 
- stoły rozkładanie (blat marmurowy grubość 2cm, dokładki max. 2x40cm)
- stoliki kawowe (blat marmurowy grubość 2cm)
- szafki RTV (blat marmurowy grubość 2cm)
- konsole (blat marmurowy grubość 2cm)
- stoliki pomocnicze (blat marmurowy grubość 2cm)
- kwietniki (blat marmurowy grubość 2cm)
- podkładki marmurowe 
- tace marmurowe
- zegary marmurowe