Terrazzo (formerly called Terrazzo) is a combination of cement and crushed stones such as marble or basalt. Once massively used, especially when finishing public places, today it is one of the most designer materials with a varied structure, thanks to which we obtain interesting visual effects, giving freshness and originality to every room.

It fits perfectly with the accents of brass and black, which give it elegance and nobility.

Our basic offer includes two types of terrazzo - Retro Mood and Avocado Gray. However, nothing prevents us from using another, less popular type of terrazzo

Meble z terrazzo, które oferujemy:
- stoły (blat terrazzo grubość 2cm) 
- stoły rozkładanie (blat terrazzo grubość 2cm, dokładki max. 2x40cm)
- stoliki kawowe (blat terrazzo grubość 2cm)
- szafki RTV (blat terrazzo grubość 2cm)
- konsole (blat terrazzo grubość 2cm)
- stoliki pomocnicze (blat terrazzo grubość 2cm)
- kwietniki (blat terrazzo grubość 2cm)
- podkładki z terrazzo 
- tace z terrazzo
- zegary z terrazzo